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DOAH 2020

doah 4k_bred_orginalfarge.jpg

DOAH lives in a small village in Morocco with her single mother. All she wants is to play soccer with the boys in the village. But due to her skin "disease", she is cursed by the "evil eye" and shut out as the village outcast. Every day Doah and her mother struggles against hate and social exclusion. But when Doah is forced to confront the "weakness" of her own mother, she finally decides to stand up for herself.

Production company: GorillaFilm, Pandorafilm, Aase & Wiig

and Cinè-Scène International

Producer: Farzad Samsami and Trude Refsahl

Director: Farzad Samsami

D.O.P: Philip Øgaard

Editor: Rolv Lyssand Bjørø 

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